Bawdsey Manor 2018

Monday 18 June

Today we are off to Bawdsey Manor and are very excited!

We arrived at 11.45am and we got our bags and headed to our dorms. We found out who was in our dorms together and then we had our lunch on the beach. We had a little stroll across the pebbles and the sandy beach and then some playtime. When we came back, we unpacked, wrote in our diaries and got our rooms ready for room inspection.

By Gemma

Tuesday 19th June

This morning we all woke up bright and early (some earlier than others) and got ready for our first full day of activities. We had a big breakfast with hot food, cereal and toast and all felt ready to go.

Today everyone has had the same four activities: abseiling, beach/coastal walk, problem solving and fencing.

George said, “It was a great coastal walk. Apparently there is a place called Sealand, which is an old World War II fort just off the coast where 20 people live and have declared it an independent country.” We’re not sure whether this is really true, but maybe you can find out and tell us when we get home.

Poppy said, “In the abseiling – you feel scared when you are at the top but it is fun. If you’re scared of heights, my top tip is look at the wall and don’t look down.”

Noah said, “In problem solving you used mind and your brain, which is great! (Feet not necessary.)”

Holleigh said, “Fencing was fun. We did sword fighting and we got to go in the on guard position. It was really hot and claustrophobic in our mask, top and glove.”


Wednesday 20th June

We are half way through our trip and having a fabulous time. Today was another fun day full of challenges. We have all tried new experiences and persevered to achieve things that we thought might be impossible! This afternoon we all got wet in the river, despite building the best rafts Mrs Austin has ever seen. Luckily it’s been a lovely sunny day.

Harry R: “Jacob’s ladder was great and I really enjoyed going up with my friends. It was fun but also scary at the same time. It got harder as it went up because the gaps between the logs got bigger.”

Lyla: “Aeroball was really fun and it was quite tiring even though the matches were only 3 minutes long. It was like basketball on four trampolines and it was a challenge to get the ball in the hoop.”

Evie: “Sensory trail was hard, but fun at the same time. You were blindfolded and wearing goggles, holding onto a rope and going through funny obstacles like a maze and tyres. I learnt that it’s very hard being blind and I felt very proud of myself when I took the goggles off.”

Charlie P: “In orienteering, first we memorised the compass and then there were letters on the ground and we had to go around to find the letters to make a weird sentence. We went around the PGL centre grounds with a sheet of paper and had to stamp our paper. It taught me about the sport of orienteering.”

Thursday 21st June

Today was another amazing day. We are a tired but happy bunch! Today we did some really exciting activities, played games, went to the shop, learned some new songs and generally had a fabulous time.

Imogen: “Giant swing is quite scary and actually really high. When you’re down on the ground it doesn’t look that high, but when you’re on the swing it’s actually really high. At first it’s terrifying but eventually you start to slow down and kind of want another go.”

Flynn: “In buggy building one of the buggies collapsed with just one person, but the other could hold up 10 people. It was fun working as a team and building the buggy.”

Harry C: “Trapeze was a heartbeatingly fun activity. I loved it and it helped me with my fear of heights.”

Sylvia: “In survivor we got to make shelters and fires. We made our own tent pegs for the shelters using knives. But the most fun thing about it was hiding – whenever someone walked past we had to blend in and pretend to be trees!”