Our vision for PE at Ryarsh Primary School

At Ryarsh, in our bid to develop forward thinking pupils we understand how critical a part Physical Education and sport plays in our children’s futures. We aspire to develop a real passion for sport across the school and encourage all pupils to retain the motivation, resilience and drive to want to succeed within lessons, competitions and tournaments.  Through high quality teaching and learning, we also aim to ensure that all pupils enjoy their physical education, develop their team work and positive attitudes, and have the knowledge to continue to improve further.

At Ryarsh, we aim to develop our children’s perseverance, determination and motivation whilst demonstrating excellent sportsmanship at all times. In line with legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games, we are committed to developing our sports provision and working with our children to give every child the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports. In addition to this, we endeavour to promote and support a healthy, active lifestyle to enable every pupil to have a brighter future.

Children are able to participate in a broadening range of sports across the year, taught by our experienced class teachers and by our sports coaches from Team Theme. To find out about which sports are covered in each year group, please click the link below:

PE Overview

PE and Sport Premium Funding

Sports Premium is a government funded payment aimed at improving and increasing the provision of PE in schools across the country. Each school will receive £8000 plus £5 per child between Year 1 and Year 6.

We use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport we offer.

This means that we are able to use the premium to:

• Develop or add to the PE and sport activities that our school already offers.
• Make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years.

What have we used our money on in the past?

For the academic year 2015/16 we secured our own Sports Coach who works for coaching company ‘Team Theme’. Team Theme provided specialist coaching to four classes per week, per term, and also ran additional lunchtime sporting activities and extra-curricular clubs on a Monday and a Friday.

Other activities and opportunities provided using Sports Premium Funding last year included:

• Additional, extra-curricular clubs run by specialist coaches; Dance (FS/Year 1), Tennis (Y3/4)
• Visitors in to promote new sporting activities; Circus Skills workshop (Jan 2016), Skip-Hop Day (March 2016)
• New equipment purchased to enhance sporting provision across the curriculum; Frisbees for introduction of Ultimate Frisbee, Handball set for introduction of Handball, additional Tag Rugby resources for introduction and teaching of Tag Rugby by Team Theme coaches, compasses for OAA strand of the new curriculum.

What have we used our money for this year? (2016/17)





Continue to offer specialist sports coaching via our sports coaches Team Theme.

Sports Coach to deliver 4 PE sessions to classes per week (on rotation) and 2 extra-curricular clubs, as well as 2 lunchtime clubs

£7070.00 sports coaching

















Dance club £793

Children receive specialist teaching to deliver high quality lessons and raise attainment.


Provide training and ongoing CPD for staff to ensure that all members of staff deliver high quality PE teaching.

Class teachers receive additional CPD whilst Team Teaching with Teamtheme coaches.

100% of teachers have commented on the positive impact of TeamTheme coaching on their own teaching and confidence levels.

Offer an increased breadth of extra-curricular activities

Sports Coach to deliver new sports in extra-curricular clubs. (KS1 and 2)

New cricket club offered as a free incentive working with Kent Cricket Club.

Dance club provided for FS/KS1 children.

Provision of extra-curricular activities is excellent for a small school. This year we have developed clubs for new sports to widen children’s participation.

67% of our children have taken part in an extra-curricular club and 33% have attended a club led by our sports coach. Involvement in extra-curricular clubs is high at both FS/KS1 and KS2.

Purchase new PE equipment to develop the range of sporting activities we can offer

Equipment purchased:

Football equipment (including small target goals and rebound nets)


Badminton equipment

Frisbee target course

Additional tennis/badminton nets

Gym mats


Children will be better resourced to participate fully in PE sessions across a range of sports, meaning our progression document can be fully utilised.

Increase numbers attending sports competitions/ games/matches

Pay for entry fees to send groups and teams to tournaments.


Across the whole school and range of sports, we have entered teams into 9 tournaments/competitions/matches this academic year.

Increase OAA opportunities for children.

(Outdoor Adventurous Activities)

Children will work on aspects of team work, resilience and problem solving, whilst increasing appreciation for outdoor activities.


Children in years 1-6 will experience high quality OAA activities (planned for May 2017).


During this academic year 2016/17 we have run the following sporting clubs:

Teacher led:

  • Football (KS2)
  • Netball (KS2)
  • Rounders (KS2)
  • Korfball (KS2)
  • Running (KS2)
  • Maypole Dancing (KS2)


External coaching services:

  • Dance (FS & KS1)
  • Cricket (KS2)
  • Soccer Skills (KS1 & KS2)
  • Gymnastics (KS2)

Team Theme Coaching – Jack Santer:

  • Archery (FS & KS1)
  • Dodgeball (FS & KS1)
  • Tennis (FS & KS1)
  • Sitting Volleyball (KS2)
  • Tchoukball (KS2)
  • Archery (KS2)
  • Additional lunchtime sporting provision (Monday/Friday Lunchtime)


Our children enjoy the opportunities to participate in a range of sporting activities and feedback is positive and enjoyment levels are high.


We are currently investigating and making contacts with additional external services to use our Sports Premium funding to further extend the extra-curricular sporting activities we can offer.


The funding has allowed us to develop our stock of equipment for sports sessions, ensuring that full classes can participate fully in PE sessions, and allowing us to provide a deeper breadth of sports taught and skill progression. Therefore the quality of provision across all lessons is increased.


Spending some of our funding on further training and CPD for teaching staff will ensure that lessons are taught by competent, confident and experienced teachers, all of whom can effectively maximise the potential of all children within a given lesson.


The effect of the premium on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment

Our May 2017 PE survey shows that:

  • 98% of our children enjoy sports coaching sessions.
  • 89% of our children perceive themselves to have improved their PE skills as a result of sports coaching sessions.
  • 33% of children have attended a Team Theme run extra-curricular club this year.
  • 100% of our teachers agree that the Teamtheme coaching sessions deliver high quality PE lessons for our children.
  • 100% of teachers agree that the coaching sessions have had a positive impact on the quality of the PE lessons that they teach.
  • 100% of teachers agree that the coaching sessions have had a positive impact on increased children’s attainment in PE.

Children’s comments on our sports coach Mr Santer:

“He was kind. He was positive. He was fun.” – Year R

“I liked archery club so much I got a bow and arrows for my birthday!” – Year 1

“We like how he teaches people, he makes the games fun.” – Year 2

“Mr Santer makes up really good warm ups. I would give the games 10/10.” – Year 3

“I like to try new things.” – Year 3

“Mr Santer is really fair and treats us all the same, no matter who might be better than others.” – Year 4

“We love all the different, fun activities, thank you!” – Year 5

“Mr Santer interacts with all the children!” – Year 6


Additionally, the introduction of a new assessment system for PE attainment from September 2017 will allow us to measure more accurately the impact of our PE and Sports Premium.


Sustainability of improvements

We are able to ensure that we are making improvements that are long lasting by developing a clear action plan for PE across the school. By hiring external, skilled sports coaches we are afforded two great opportunities; children across the school are receiving specialist tuition in a range of mainstream and specialist sports, and alongside this our staff are receiving opportunities to up-skill their teaching and learn from the specialists whom they team teach with. This will ensure that in the years to come, the quality of teaching by our class teachers is of a significantly improved standard.

By enhancing our sports and PE equipment stocks, we are able to offer a greater depth of sporting activities; these are being planned for carefully and integrated into our whole school Sports Overview to ensure progression and variety within the curriculum.

The use of Sports Premium funding to employ external coaching staff has enabled us to provide a broader range of sporting clubs to appeal to a wider audience. We will continue to look for further opportunities to provide our children.


What do we intend to use our money on in the future?

Primary School Sport Funding Allocation 2017/2018 – £8846 (+ £7418 carried forwards)





Intended Impact

Continue to offer specialist teaching via our sports coaches Team Theme

Mr Santer to deliver 6 PE sessions to classes per week (on rotation) and 3 extra-curricular clubs, as well as 3 lunchtime clubs


Children will receive specialist teaching to deliver high quality lessons and raise attainment.


Improve outdoor learning environment for use in PE and physical activity

Create a ‘trim trail’ type station on school field, with a focus on use for EYFS also.

Develop playground markings (in line with new hall build).

Consider creating climbing wall/stations.


Children will have more opportunities to develop physical agility, skill and stamina whilst exploring in a social setting.

Develop range of clubs offered to children by external services.

Research and trial additional sporting clubs for children to participate in.


Children will be exposed to and have chance to trial additional sporting activities.

Increase numbers attending sports competitions/ games/matches

Pay for entry fees to send groups and teams to tournaments.

Employ a PE TA to oversee administration and supervision of children at sports competitions.


More tournaments/competitions will be entered increasing sporting participation levels.