British Values at Ryarsh Primary School

At Ryarsh Primary School our school motto is ‘forward thinking for a brighter future’. This means that while striving to provide the best possible primary education for our children, we also think further ahead to their teenage and adult lives in modern Britain. Their understanding of British Values is an important part of this preparation. We ensure that fundamental British Values are introduced, modelled and discussed through our ethos, daily school life and curriculum. This helps us promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children.

Ryarsh is situated in an area which is not greatly culturally diverse and therefore we actively promote diversity for our children. Children’s understanding of cultural diversity was a key priority in the 2015-16 school action plan and as a result of range of initiatives, children did gain a deeper understanding of these important issues. This will be maintained and further strengthened this academic year.


British Value






Every child at Ryarsh Primary School is involved in democratic decision-making. This reflects the democratic and inclusive approach to decision making across the school community.

  • Pupil, parent, staff and governor annual surveys


  • School council elections


  • House captain elections


  • Curriculum opportunities such as Ancient Greek democracy in History


  • Visit from our MP


  • Learning based on current news, including EU referendum and a new Prime Minister

Our school is a community in which all voices are heard – children, parents, staff and governors.

Children experience and respect democracy through electing their own representatives.

Children are able to work co-operatively in classes, groups or pairs.

Children have experience and understanding of democracy beyond our school.

The rule of law


Ensuring that all of our children are safe is our top priority at Ryarsh Primary School and a system of rules, procedures and guidelines is essential for this. In order to support the children in becoming law abiding citizens, we model and reward appropriate behaviour. Behaviour rules are consistently reinforced by all members of the school community.

  • Behaviour policy


  • Class rules


  • Visit from PCSO


  • Magistrate visit to Year 6


  • Bikeability training

Children are aware of our class and school rules, demonstrating an understanding of why rules and laws are needed. Children’s behaviour in lessons and wider school life is exemplary. Children are able to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law of England.

Individual liberty


Children are encouraged to make their own decisions and take responsibility for these.

Our focus on Growth Mindset shows children that they control the most important choices which affect their learning successes.

  • Peer mediation


  • Celebrations of children’s skills, talents and achievements


  • Black History Month figures who campaigned for freedom


  • Fundraising and charity events

Children are confident in making decisions and articulate in explaining their decision making.

Children demonstrate a good understanding of accepting responsibility for their own choices, showing initiative and how they can contribute to their community positively.


Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Respect is one of our school values, shared by the whole school community.

Respect is covered explicitly through school assemblies, RE and PSHE lessons and modelled implicitly throughout school life.

We actively seek opportunities to present multicultural learning to our children.

  • RE curriculum


  • Acts of worship


  • Learning walks for behaviour for learning


  • Governors monitoring visit reports on cultural diversity


  • Cultural Festival


Children can articulate why respect is important.

Children can talk about different faiths and cultures that they have learned about through our school curriculum and special events.

Children have an increased appreciation for their own and other cultures allowing any instances of discrimination to be combatted.